RANDY Artificial Intelligence Texting Assistant
To engage RANDY, you can send yourself a text from here. Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number with no space, dash or symbol, just the numbers. Then click the TEXT ME button. RANDY will text you now.
X The fields below are optional, but recommended: Please add your EMAIL, FIRST and LAST names so that RANDY can hold more informative conversation with you.
RANDY sells AUTOS with Artificial Intelligence. I am RANDY Assistant. I can help you find, negotiate, and get great deals on your next new or used vehicle. **With RANDY, you have access to millions of ready-for-delivery vehicles of all Makes and Models across the country. I can also help with vehicle curbside delivery. **To continue, reply with a keyword: BUY, FINANCE, NEW, USED, CERTIFIED, PAPERWORK, DELIVERY, SELL, SERVICE, COVID19 https://randy.mobi/autos/
When you enter your number and click the TEXT ME button, you will start a conversation between YOU (human) and RANDY (computer). The back and forth texting is between YOU and RANDY. There will be no other humans involvement until YOU request that RANDY brings another person into the conversation. RANDY will be texting you from 14157275527.


The keywords that RANDY can recognize and respond to vary depending on the phone number and account you are texting RANDY at. For this conversation, you will be texting RANDY at the wireless number: 415-727-5527. Below are the 13 keywords you can use to engage this RANDY wireless number:

  1. RANDY
  2. HELLO
  3. BUY
  5. NEW
  6. USED
  10. SELL
  12. COVID19


RANDY understands full sentences.

You can converse with RANDY in full sentences using any combination of the keywords. (NOTE: available keywords vary per RANDY wireless number.). Your sentence, per single text, can be up to 140 characters long. NOTE: If your sentence is longer than 140 characters, it may be rejected by the wireless network company and may never reach RANDY. Therefore, you may not get a response back from RANDY. Keywords are prioritized, so RANDY's answers may be based on the first keyword recognized in your sentence. For best results, limit each sentence to a few keywords or a single keyword.

Example sentences you can text to RANDY:

  • Is this business open today?
  • Have this business call me.
  • I want to buy a new car.
  • Show me used cars.
  • Contact me.
  • Email me.
  • Hello.
  • Service.
  • Keywords.
  • Thank you.
  • I have a question.


How to engage RANDY hands-free using only your voice:

You can use SIRI (on Apple devices), GOOGLE Assistant (on Android devices), BIXBY (on SAMSUNG devices), CORTANA (on Microsoft devices), and ALEXA (on AMAZON devices) to engage RANDY hands-free using only your voice.

  1. Engage the correct phone number for RANDY:
    Ask your device (e.g. SIRI) to text a number or you can, yourself, manually text to the RANDY number you want to engage (e.g. Text ''HELLO RANDY'' to ''415-727-5527'').
  2. Create a RANDY contact in your device:
    Then SAVE the number as a new contact in your device. For First Name, enter RANDY. You can leave the Last Name blank or type in any word that can differentiate other Randy names in your contacts. For example: Last name = Assistant.
  3. You can now engage RANDY hands-free:
    Ask your device to text RANDY. (e.g. ''Hey SIRI, text RANDY.'').
  4. Your device will ask you what to say to RANDY.
    For example, SIRI may ask: ''What do you want to say to RANDY?''
  5. State your Message or Question to RANDY:
    For example: ''Hello RANDY.'', ''I have a questions.'', ''Is this business open today?''
  6. Your device may confirm to SEND the message.
    For example, SIRI may aks you: ''Are you ready to send it?''
  7. SEND the message:
    Say ''YES'' or ''SEND'' and your device will then send your message to RANDY.
  8. RANDY will reply in a few seconds:
    You will get a message back from RANDY in response to your last text. NOTE: If your sentence is longer than 140 characters, it may be rejected by the wireless network company and may never reach RANDY.
  9. Ask your device to read your text messages.
    For example, ''Hey SIRI, read my messages.''
  10. Your device reads RANDY's message to you:
    After your device reads the message, it may ask if you wish to reply.
  11. Repeat steps 3 to 10 for as long as you wish to keep engaged with RANDY.
  12. Legal Clarity: RANDY Does Not Send Unwanted Message.
    Any user (consumer) or account (business) found to abuse RANDY and/or engage in spamming and sending unwanted messages, will be terminated from the RANDY network.
    RANDY only engages you when YOU engage RANDY. So to end a conversation with RANDY, simply don't reply to the last text received from RANDY. For privacy purposes, RANDY will never re-engage you unless you had scheduled a RANDY reminder in a previous conversation. However, YOU can re-engage RANDY whenever you want, 24/7, at any phone number (long-code or short-code) that is RANDY-enabled. Each business has its own dedicated local RANDY wireless number where you can engage the business.
  13. RANDY is a multi-conversationalist:
    You can engage RANDY simultaneously at multiple phone numbers for different or similar conversations. For example, you may be dealing with 10 different businesses all using RANDY Assistant from different numbers. You can engage RANDY privately at all 10 phone numbers and RANDY will engage each conversation separately -- this is similar to texting 10 friends at 10 different numbers from your 1 device (your 1 unique number).

Please use RANDY responsibly.