RANDY Artificial Intelligence Texting Assistant
To engage RANDY, you can send yourself a text from here. Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number with no space, dash or symbol, just the numbers. Then click the TEXT ME button. RANDY will text you now.
X The fields below are optional, but recommended: Please add your EMAIL, FIRST and LAST names so that RANDY can hold more informative conversation with you.
Hello. This is the RANDY Assistant Free Trial Account. To see how RANDY works, reply with short sentences or single keywords:**FREE TRIAL, FULL ACCOUNT, PRICING, EXAMPLES, SIGNUP, CALL ME, KEYWORDS, COVID19
When you enter your number and click the TEXT ME button, you will start a conversation between YOU (human) and RANDY (computer). The back and forth texting is between YOU and RANDY. There will be no other humans involvement until YOU request that RANDY brings another person into the conversation. RANDY will be texting you from 12133206130.

with RANDY Assistant

Enjoy a 90% Price Discount

At ROGEE®, we stand for small business. We understand the needs of small businesses because we, ROGEE, Inc., are also a small business. In solidarity with the American Express ''STAND FOR SMALL'' project, we are offering our proprietary RANDY® Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant software to all America's small businesses at a 90% price discount during the COVID-19 response.

For only $25 per month, your small business gets a unique, exclusive, and local RANDY Number, a 10-digit wireless mobile phone number, where your customers can engage RANDY through SMS and MMS texting. RANDY Assistant can handle all mundane customer Questions and Answers; and RANDY can also get some Customer Service Processes (CSP) done for you, automatically.

This offer is valid until:
December 31, 2020
11:59:59 PM, Pacific.

RANDY Assistant

Hello. I am RANDY Assistant. I am ready to join your small business winning team.

RANDY® by ROGEE® is an Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant Internet-based conversation platform that helps businesses, organizations, municipalities, and agencies provide fast, accurate, timely answers to users' inquiries. RANDY® Assistant communicates with people, 24/7, through Wireless Messaging technology using multimedia Texting (language, image, audio, video) on any smart device (phone, watch, tablet, laptop, desktop, or computer console).

RANDY® Assistant helps to reduce the cost of customer interactions (for businesses and organizations) and the cost of citizenry engagement (for municipalities and agencies) with wireless messaging. Using SMS and MMS technology (texting, images, audio, and videos files), RANDY® Assistant can handle all mundane and repetitive customer interactions and processes.

ROGEE®, Inc. is a California-based privately-held corporation founded in 1996 by Rogee Rogers (its current CEO/President/Chief Software Architect). ROGEE, Inc. serves businesses of all sizes with technology, software, marketing, training, and other business-related solutions.