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Welcome to CAR IN MY DRIVEWAY. *You can enjoy a VIP house-hunting and car-shopping experience as automotive professionals and real estate experts converge to work on your behalf.**I am RANDY, an Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant. I can answer your questions about the CAR IN MY DRIVEWAY project. **To continue texting with me, reply with short sentences or single keywords like:**WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, CARS, DEALERS, DRIVEWAY, AGENTS, HOMES, COVID19, KEYWORDS, MORE **https://randy.mobi/car-in-my-driveway/
When you enter your number and click the TEXT ME button, you will start a conversation between YOU (human) and RANDY (computer). The back and forth texting is between YOU and RANDY. There will be no other humans involvement until YOU request that RANDY brings another person into the conversation. RANDY will be texting you from 14104011011.